Homeowners Associations – Pros and Cons

Homeowners Associations – Pros and Cons

May 30, 2018
Homeowners Associations - The Good, Bad and the Ugly If you're thinking of buying or selling a home, whether or not it's located in a community governed by a Homeowners Association (HOA) will always be an important factor to consider. While there are many benefits to having an HOA, there have been situations we've come across where the presence of an HOA either prevented a property from selling fast, or selling for a lot less than the asking price. Here are some of the Pros
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Sell My House or Get Flood Insurance?

May 1, 2018
Hurricane Season in Houston With hurricane season approaching, everyone living in a flood zone or near an area that was affecting by Harvey is taking a risk...the question is: should I sell my house, or get flood insurance?  Whether another Harvey ever comes or not is irrelevant.  In the eyes of the Insurance Companies (FEMA) this risk will always exist. If your house did flood, you may already (or in the very near future) be required by FEMA to have flood insurance on your home. 
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House Foundation–5 Things Buyers And Sellers Need To Know!

Dec 4, 2017
The foundation might not be the most exciting part of the house, but it is arguably the most important. When you’re buying a home, there are plenty of fun things to focus on, like putting in an a new pool or relaxing in the Jacuzzi, to name a few. But before you start envisioning kitchen layout, look down and focus on the home’s foundation. It holds up the house, after all. If what lies beneath your house isn’t good, it can cause lots of headaches
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Ins & Outs of Seller Financing Your House

Nov 16, 2017
Seller Financing is One of the Most Powerful Tools You Can Use When Selling Your House. Seller financing can provide many unique benefits to a anyone trying to sell their home. Many home owners want to sell, however may not want to wait the time it usually takes to sell with a realtor. FYI - It can take months for a buyer to obtain financing. One of the greatest things about seller financing is that, if used properly, it can provide you with a nice stream
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Foreclosure – What You Need to Know.

Nov 14, 2017
How to Save Your Home From Foreclosure Home owners who are hoping to stop foreclosure often dread dealing with the facts that got them to the place of being in foreclosure. If they think back to when they first bought that home, losing the home was probably the furthest thing from their mind. Few home owners actually plan to go into foreclosure. Having said this, there are ways to avoid the destruction a foreclosure can cause... Reasons For a Pending Foreclosure Apart from those who knowingly participate in mortgage fraud with
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Essential Guide For First-Time Home Buyers

Nov 7, 2017
Thinking of Buying Your First House? Before you begin your initial search for your dream home there are some things you should do first.... The first and most important thing to do is make sure you qualify for a loan or mortgage. Financing options can be extremely confusing. It's helpful to know some basic facts about mortgages when browsing homes for sale. Direct Lenders vs. Mortgage Brokers Direct lenders are in direct control of funds and the decisions regarding loans but offer only limited in-house
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For Sale By Owner- DIY Staging

Oct 31, 2017
Decided to Sell Your House Without a Realtor? So you've decided to sell your house on your own. Here's a few tips to help you prepare and stage your home like a pro! Curb Appeal 101 The first impression a buyer gets when pulling up to a new house is extremely important! This, we call Curb Appeal. Make sure your home's exterior is as neat and clean as possible. The grass should always be well kept so that buyers can walk around the house and
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Top 5 Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home & Get More Cash!

Oct 24, 2017
Have you ever asked yourself... ...how can I Increase the value of my house and get more money at closing? As a homeowner you should always be looking for things you can do to increase the value of your home for when it comes time to sell. Here are the top 5 ways to add value to your house. Tip: Keep them in mind when buying your house, so that when you're ready to sell you can ask for maximum value. 1. Curb appeal So
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Testimonials – Our Fair Cash Offer Clients

Oct 17, 2017
We Buy Houses in Any Condition, Any Situation Here at APEX Home Buyers we do more than just sell houses to investors. We buy houses in any condition, under any situation. It is our mission to provide quick, hassle free, profitable real estate transactions for ALL of our clients, regardless of their situation. Whether you just lost your job, are at risk of foreclosure, inherited property, or your house need thousands in repairs... we can help! Still not convinced? To prove to you that our
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Importance of Appraisals When Selling Your House

Oct 14, 2017
Had Your House Appraised Lately? The average person usually doesn't understand how an appraisal pertains to their home value or what an appraisal really means for them as a buyer or a home owner trying to sell. Over the years, we've come across clients who have been a bit misguided with respect to appraisals and how the whole process works. Some believed in order to get an appraisal done on there home they would need to enlist the help of REALTORS, while others thought there
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