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Do you want to Sell Your House Fast? APEX Home Buyers is set up to buy your house under any situation, in any condition and pretty much in any City in Texas. Although we’re based in Houston, we’re able to buy houses in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Beaumont, San Antonio, Galveston, Conroe and everywhere in between.

Foreclosed houseWe’re able to do that because we work with a vast network of professionals ranging from Investors like ourselves, realtors, brokers, contractors, title companies, attorneys and CPA’s all throughout the Texas area. As trusted Texas Home Buyers, whether you’re tying to sell an inherited house, avoid foreclosure, move out of state or maybe you’re just tired of being a landlord, we’re here to make your house sell fast, without all the hassles. So whatever your real estate needs are, APEX has you covered in Texas.  Submit your info into the Contact Us box on this page and one of our Investors will be in touch with you during the hours of 8am-8pm M-Sa. Or, you can call our toll free number at 844-388-APEX(2739). Of all the situations we come across as Cash Buyers, the 4 we see most often are from people trying to sell an inherited house, avoid foreclosure, move out of state, or wanting to get rid of a pesky rental property. Select the tabs below for some details on how we can help if one of these situations applies to you.

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Sell us your Inherited House in Texas

Do you live in Texas? If you or anyone you know is going to inherit real estate, it’s important that you understand the process and are aware of all your options. As painful as it is to lose a loved one, at some point we have to decide what we’re going to do with what has been left to us in the estate. For questions or guidance on this topic please give us a call at 844-388-APEX(2739). We can help you go over all of your options, and help you determine which one is right for you and your family.

Facing Foreclosure in Texas?

If you or anyone you know is facing a possible foreclosure we can help. We have experience with these situations from multiple different angles. Just because you’re behind and can’t make your payment doesn’t mean your credit has to suffer further. Call us at 844-388-APEX(2739) for details on how we can help you in your time of need.

Moving Out of State from Texas?

We buy houses from people moving out of state all the time. One of the reasons why people like to sell to us is because we offer FREE moving services for all qualifying clients. Call us at 844-388-APEX(2739) for details on how we can help

Tired of Being a Landlord in Texas?

Being a Landlord isn’t always what it’s thought to be. If you don’t live close to your rental property or don’t have good tenants, your rental can quickly turn into a nuisance; and a liability. If you’re a Landlord and want to Cash Out, give us a call at 844-388-APEX(2739) and find out how we can help.