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Selling a House As-Is?

When we say “We Buy Houses As-Is”, we mean we’ll buy your house in any condition, under any situation, without you doing any repairs or updates.

In addition to the numerous advantages in choosing to Sell APEX Your House for Cash, we also offer FREE MOVING SERVICES to qualifying clients (see details on moving services below). If you truly want to sell your house fast and avoid all of the hassles associated with finding a buyer, you should definitely keep reading.


What is APEX Home Buyers?

APEX Home Buyers is a Texas based Company owned and operated by its’ Managers. We’re Professional Home Buyers that specialize in providing Professional CASH buyout solutions to homeowners who want to sell their homes as-is, as quickly as possible. We’ve bought houses that were ugly and possibly needed to be torn down, as well as houses that needed very little repairs. As long as the numbers work (meaning we can profit while allowing you to profit as well) we can buy any house, in any condition, under any situation. We always try and beat any competitor’s offer by at least $500. Show us a written offer from another Home Buyer and if we can beat it we will.

Pros at Dealing with Distressed Homes

We specialize in helping homeowners with properties that are either distressed, causing them financial difficulty or just won’t sell quick enough on the MLS. We also have clients who call us merely for the convenience of a quick sale.

Whatever your real estate needs are, APEX will work to find you the most profitable solution. Read below to see how our Cash Offer Process Makes Selling Your Home Safe & Easy!

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How it Works – Cash Offer Process

To begin, you must Request a Cash Offer by submitting the form on this page. Afterwards you’ll receive an email with a link to setup your Home Evaluation Appointment. One of our Representatives will contact you shortly after for the initial phone interview, which is where we gather some basic info on your property and your specific selling situation. If you haven’t set your appointment by the time we call, no worries. We can get you set up over the phone and answer any questions you have at that time. Once your appointment is set, you’ll receive an email confirmation with details on what to expect during your FREE Home Evaluation – It’s Free, Fast & Painless; We Promise!

step 1

FREE Home Evaluation: This takes 30 min max. We visit your property on the day and time of your choice and create a cost estimate for any repairs needed on the property to make it sell at max value. Once we agree on a total cost of repairs, we can move on to step 2.

step 2We Agree on Terms: Here we agree on the ARV (After Repair Value) of your property, and attempt to use that number along with the total repair cost from step 1 to create a win-win scenario for all parties. When all parties agree and are happy with all terms, we sign a purchase contract (please feel free to have your Attorney look over any contract we provide).

step 3Escrow & Closing: Here the contract is delivered to the title company and we wait until they tell us title is clear. Once we have clear title, we set a closing date at your convenience. We can close as early as 7 business days after title clears, or on a later date if you prefer.

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FREE Moving Services

For clients that qualify and who may be in need of moving assistance, we can offer our MOVING SERVICES FOR FREE! If you’re interested in getting qualified to take advantage of this service here’s how it works:

How it Works – Moving Services

  • During the phone interview let us know you want the free move.
  • You tell us when and where you’re moving to.
  • You accept our offer to buy your house.
  • We call our movers and schedule the move.
  • After we close on your house our movers go to work.
  • At your request we can even move you before closing.

Either way if you qualify, these services are offered 100% FREE.

We get paid by the Title Company, so we’ll never ask you for payment of any kind.

Here are some Google reviews from Clients who took advantage of our moving services and fast closings:

“Very positive experience – professional, responsive, and friendly. Bobby was there to answer questions, assist with moving arrangements, and keep everything on track, from beginning to end. Apex eliminated the headaches and fees associated with the enormous task of selling and moving. Very pleased with the overall experience.” – APEX Client

“Best people to deal with, even helped us with moving with his and his friends truck,,, excellent experience.” – APEX Client

“Great very quick closing! Closed within 7 days of initial contact.” – APEX Client

When APEX Buys Your House…

  • forget about making costly repairs or updates in order to prep your house for showings.
  • forget paying a commission to your realtor and the Buyer’s realtor.
  • forget haggling over closing costs and inspection reports with your Buyer.
  • forget waiting months for your house to finally sell!

Why Work with APEX?

When you work with us you not only get to take advantage of all the above, but you also get to rest easy knowing that we never break our word or deviate from the terms in the contract. Plus, don’t forget about our FREE MOVING SERVICES!

Why Do We Want to Buy Your House?

In a nutshell, we take on the risk of fixing your house with hopes of earning a profit when we sell it; you avoid the hassle and get paid right away, plus you may even qualify for a free move. This is the foundation we use to build a win-win scenario with all our clients.

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Overall Benefits of Selling to APEX

  • Minimize risk and maximize profit
  • Speed and convenience
  • Free moving and relocation services

In other words:

..No hassling with long periods of time looking for a buyer to get approved for a mortgage, only to be told last minute that they didn’t qualify and you’re back to square one.

..Avoid dealing with the hassles of listing your house with a real estate agent, or paying them a huge commission when it does finally sell.

..You’ll never deal with multiple showings, or people viewing your property knowing full well they’re not serious buyers. As professionals, our time is money. We won’t ever waste yours.

..Avoid painting, doing updates and cleaning up. We buy houses as is, meaning you won’t waste money on dumpsters, junk haulers or contractors.

..You can avoid the hassles of doing paperwork. We have title company connections that can resolve any title issue that may arise. We’ve removed liens, helped clients through probate, resolved foreclosure issues and much more.

..We offer flexible move out dates and relocation assistance for clients who need to sell but are having a little extra trouble finding that next place to call home. If a situation like this is preventing you from accepting a Cash Offer and selling your house quickly, allow APEX Home Buyers to be your solution.

Call us at 844-388-APEX(2739), or fill out the form above to get started today!

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Our Commitment to YOU

We understand that every situation is different. We understand that selling a home is a big decision. APEX Home Buyers is here to walk you through every step of the way and help you sell your house fast with as little headache as possible.

We are part of a community of highly experienced real estate investors, developers, agents, lenders and professional remodeling companies who are waiting to serve you. It is our hope that you put your trust in us as your one-stop shop for all of your real estate needs.

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