May 2018

Sell My House or Get Flood Insurance?

Hurricane Season in Houston

Harris County Flood Plain

With hurricane season approaching, everyone living in a flood zone or near an area that was affecting by Harvey is taking a risk…the question is: should I sell my house, or get flood insurance?  Whether another Harvey ever comes or not is irrelevant.  In the eyes of the Insurance Companies (FEMA) this risk will always exist.

If your house did flood, you may already (or in the very near future) be required by FEMA to have flood insurance on your home.  Although not incredibly expensive to get (when it’s not required by FEMA), flood insurance can make your house payment go up considerably once FEMA actually requires you to have it.

So, whether you have it now or not, you should evaluate the added cost of having it and how it will affect your total monthly housing costs in the case that FEMA does require you to get it.

If you don’t have it yet and you are in an area that was affected by flooding, you should look into it sooner rather than later.  See this article by KHOU 11 for more details on the topic.

If you decide flood insurance isn’t an option for you and you want to sell your house quickly and painlessly, give us a call at 844-388-APEX(2739).  We’ll buy your house as-is and help you find another one outside of the flood damaged area you’re currently in.  Plus, we’ll move you for free!

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