October 2017

Top 5 Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home & Get More Cash!

Have you ever asked yourself…

how can I Increase the value of my house and get more money at closing?

As a homeowner you should always be looking for things you can do to increase the value of your home for when it comes time to sell. Here are the top 5 ways to add value to your house. Tip: Keep them in mind when buying your house, so that when you’re ready to sell you can ask for maximum value.

1. Curb appeal

So often overlooked but extremely vital to the sale, curb appeal is usually the first view (standing at the curb and looking straight at the front) a potential buyer has of your home. If you’re lacking here, chances are the buyer will not even consider what the rest of the property has to offer.

You can increase curb appeal by:

  • upgrading and/or maintaining your lawn. Adding flowers, hedges, stone walkways, etc.
  • Making sure the exterior, or any trim, including doors has fresh paint.
  • Getting your home power washed if needed.
  • Replacing or cleaning any broken or cracked windows.
  • Making sure the concrete along your walkways and sidewalks are free of cracks, repair if needed.
  • Replacing or adding security light fixtures to the exterior (buyers always see tremendous value in safety and security features, and are a great selling point).

2. Kitchens and bathrooms

Assuming you’ve taken care of your exterior and attended to your home’s curb appeal, your buyer should be interested in seeing the interior. Your kitchen and bathrooms are usually the most important rooms in any house. Make sure these rooms are in top form to impress your buyer.

Studies show that buyers place the most emphasis on kitchens and bathrooms when shopping for homes. Neglecting either will only result in having your home on the market for much longer than expected or having to reduce your price at closing to accommodate any updates the buyer feels the home needs to compete with other similar homes. No reason not to have this covered prior to showing your house to any buyers.

  • Remove clutter
  • Organize your cabinets, drawers and pantry

Buyers will open and examine these spaces to determine if their belongings will fit adequately.

  • Lighting fixtures should be modern and appealing and/or recently replaced.
  • If you’re selling your house with the appliances, make sure to clean them thoroughly and discard any old or outdated food items.
  • If you’re adding fresh paint, look at neutral colors that are subtle but warm. The wall color should provide a nice contrast against the trim color. (standard trim color is white)
  • Repair or replace any cracked tiles or flooring issues you may have, whether visible or not. (your buyer’s inspector will find them anyway)
  • If you have carpet in your bathroom, we recommend you remove it and replace with tile. Bathroom carpet has been phased out and is usually only seen in older homes.

3. Systems and roofing

When was the last time you had the roof fixed or updated? Do all of your lights and faucets work? The last thing a buyer wants to deal with is having to fix a leaky faucet or busted roof after buying a new house.

  • Get your roof checked by a professional to determine if repairs or replacements are needed.
  • How is the heating and cooling system working? Have it checked by a professional.
  • Make sure to have an inspection done to prevent any surprise problems from appearing when a buyer sends their own inspector.
  • Make sure you replace or repair any lighting fixtures or electrical outlets that are faulty.
  • Check the sump pump and hot water heater. It’s always a good idea to have a backup battery for sump pumps in case of power failure.
  • Make sure the garage door opener works properly. A thorough walk through of your home’s electrical systems is crucial to avoid any unwanted surprises (again, your buyer’s inspector will find all of these).
  • After any inspection, offer to pay for a home warranty to give piece of mind to any buyers who may have concerns you can’t afford to fix.

4. De-personalize

If you have bright pink paint as the main color in your home, chances are that not many people will find your home as appealing as you do. (gray tones are very common these days, and will always help your house sell quickly)

  • Remove books and photos from shelves and walls. When a buyer enters your home, they’re trying to imagine what their items and belongings will look like in the house. Removing your personal items aids them in visualizing your house as their own.
  • A house is an investment. Try not to view it as the last place you’ll ever live, but more as a stepping stone on the way to your next good investment for you and your family. This simple shift in mindset can alter the way you approach buying and selling a house so that it pays off when it’s time to sell and choose your next home.

5. Get rid of smells

Although you may not notice the weird smells in your house, if any exist, potential buyers will.

  • Pet odors (cat, dog, etc.), or if you tend to cook foods that are spicy or pungent in nature, these odors become infused in your homes carpet, furniture and anything else that can hold an odor.
  • If you’re a smoker you may want to consider smoking outside during the time you’re trying to sell. Many deals have been lost due to cigarette smoke. All of which could’ve been easily avoided.
  • Painting can help with odors, but you may want to consider replacing carpet and/or drapes. A can of air freshener can go a long way, but doesn’t fix the smell.

At APEX, we feel that if these 5 things are taken into account while living at your home, selling will be a breeze. If when it comes time to sell you’d like to avoid all of the above, including costly upgrades or repairs, give APEX Home Buyers a call at 844-388-APEX(2739). We’ll evaluate your property and help you determine whether accepting our cash offer is a viable alternative to selling on the MLS.

We’re here to help.

– APEX Home Buyers