January 2017

Paying Taxes on Inherited Property in Texas

Taxes on Inherited Property

Did You Inherit a Home in 2016?

As tax season returns, remember that you may have a tax liability on property you inherited in 2016.

Homeowners forgetting or not having enough money to pay taxes on a home they just inherited is a common situation we run into. After dealing with the loss of a loved one, taxes are the last thing anyone wants to think about.

In many cases, multiple heirs will inherit a property. Due to this and various other reasons, the process of buying and/or selling these properties is often more complex than your standard real estate transaction. APEX can help guide you through the probate and/or heir ship affidavit process and clear up any title issues with regards to the property. Although keeping the property is an option, selling the property and turning it into CASH is usually the option that makes the most sense financially….

Selling Inherited Property to a Cash Home Buyer

If you’ve recently inherited property, chances are you’re finding out that you’ve not only inherited the rights to the property, but also the financial obligations that come with it. Taxes, repairs, maintenance, fees, etc……lots of responsibility. If neglected, the value of your home can actually decrease over a period of time. Which means that the quicker you decide which direction you want to go with regards to your inherited property, the better off you’ll be.

We understand that the overall process of selling a home can be quite overwhelming and expensive. When selling with a realtor, you will most likely need to look into doing some repairs and updates to outdated design. You’ll also have to pay them a fee for listing the house, which comes out of your profit. Not to mention the time it takes to sell. Can’t put a price on that. More often than not, the pay-off at the end does not justify the time and money spent doing it. We are here to remove all of the hassle and stress associated with selling your house. We want to agree on a price, then allow you as the Seller to sit back and wait for your check. This process, from signed contract to purchase can be accomplished in as little as 7 days. No repairs are necessary. We buy the property as-is, you pay no realtor fees or closing costs.

If you’ve inherited property and want to avoid the added stress of paying taxes or penalties, give us a call and find out if we can help you turn this possible tax liability into cash for you and your family. Call us at (844) 388-APEX(2739).

We’re here to Help.

– APEX Home Buyers