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We believe that honesty, integrity, and transparency are the key ingredients to every successful real estate transaction. With these values at our core, we consistently provide win-win solutions for both us and our clients. View our testimonials

“At APEX, when we say we’re going to to do something, we do it. We always keep our word. We live by it. Even if we as a company cannot benefit from something, we would like to help make sure YOU as our client can.” -APEX General Manager

Whatever your situation, APEX can find a solution. Call us at 713-955-1855 or submit your information here on our site to get a call from us immediately. We’ll come view your property and make you an offer to buy it and close in as little as 3-4 business days. No obligation to accept, no hassles if you do!

Meet the Team

Gary Gondzur
Owner of APEX Home Buyers
Transition Lead UPSC at BP Houston
BS Mechanical Engineering – University of Illinois
MBA – Arizona State University

Geo Gondzur
General Manager

Bobby Daggett
Regional Manager – DFW

Michael Valdez
Regional Manager – Beaumont

Ashton Daniels
Regional Manager – San Antonio

Roger Arevalo
Acquisition Specialist – Houston

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